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KatzAzz aerosol is a hyro-carbon complex specifically formulated to significantly reduce wear and friction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. KatzAzz aerosol is a heat-stable liquid with unique lubricating, insulating and capillary properties enhanced by HRMT (Heat Reducing Metal Treatment). It is designed specifically for industrial applications. The HRMT metal treatment in KatzAzz aerosol unites chemically with the metal component molecules, forming a microscopic, nano-molecular wear resistant shield. The capillary characteristics of KatzAzz aerosol are such that even excessively rusted
bolts and nuts are penetrated and loosened. The adjustable nozzle settings of LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH allow the user to administer either a fine spray for chains and cables, or target an aggressive stream at rusted and corroded parts. The solvent in KatzAzz aerosol is also a very effective industrial grease and grime remover.

Typical Uses: Tools, Locks, Valves, Guns, Mechanical Linkages, Rusted Bolts, Nuts 00and Parts, Air Tools, Fishing Gear, Electric Motors, Jack Hammers, Sliding Mechanisms Bicycles, Hinges, Chain Hoists, Chain Saws, Nailing and Fastening Tools, Machine Threads, Tool & Dies, Drilling, Tapping, Metal Drawing and Forming, Broaching, Sawing, Milling Operations, Mechanical Linkages, Off-Road Vehicles and
THOUSANDS OF OTHER APPLICATIONS..........................................