Add Diesel Juice to any quality diesel fuel to improve diesel engine performance. Easier starts, prevent fuel 'gel', best injector lubricant available. Add 1 : 450 for best results. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers requirements and specifications. Click here to see product lubrication test comparisons. Use the handy 350 ml size for your mid size diesel vehicles. Add 1 'tank shot' to your Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke tank. NO MESS ... NO MEASURING

Pre-treat your bulk diesel fuel storage tanks with this 4 liter size jug. By pre-treating your fuel, you are protecting yourself from seasonal changes and from fuel storage contamination. Diesel Juice can prevent damage from water that gets into diesel fuel systems. Ask your fuel retailer to pre-treat your next order with Diesel Juice. Jug treats 2000 liters.

Dual -Pak is a convenient way to buy Diesel Juice. Includes 2 - 1 liter bottles of Diesel Juice, and a FREE 369 g. can of Tractor Trailer maintenance spray.

Twin-Pak includes 2 x 350 ml. 'tank-shots' and a FREE 4 oz. can of Katz Azz. Protect your diesel investment with Diesel Juice, and maintain your toys with this handy FREE can of Katz Azz