Add DFL to any quality diesel fuel to improve diesel engine performance. Easier starts, prevent fuel 'gel', best injector lubricant available. Add 1 : 450 for best results. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers requirements and specifications. Click here to see product lubrication test comparisons. Available at Petro-Canada fuel retailers only.

Pre-treat your bulk diesel fuel storage tanks with this 4 liter size jug. By pre-treating your fuel, you are protecting yourself from seasonal changes and from fuel storage contamination. DFL can prevent damage from water that gets into diesel fuel systems. Ask your Petro-Canada fuel retailer to pre-treat your next order with DFL. Jug treats 2000 liters.

Dual -Pak is a convenient way to buy DFL. Includes 2 - 1 liter bottles of DFL, and a FREE 369 g. can of Tractor Trailer maintenance spray.