We added Cetane to our DFL/Diesel Juice ... Here’s Why

1. Reduced Emissions
- Because of the added Cetane in DFL and Diesel Juice, the ignition time is reduced, and engine emissions are significantly reduced.

2. Better Mileage
- Lower fuel consumption: as the fuel takes longer to burn completely, less fuel needs to be injected for the same performance

3. Easier / Quicker Starts
- Quicker start-ups with less smoke: easier and faster combustion affects smoke emissions, especially on the long term. Engines that start easier, have less wear on starters and ring gears.

4.Better Cold Starts
- Cold temperature starts can be harmful to diesel engines. The combustion efficiency of the diesel engine is significantly improved by adding DFL or Diesel Juice to your fuel. Reducing the amount of time required to start your engine can significantly reduce staring component wear.

5. Less Engine Knock & Noise
- The noise produced by a diesel engine is a combination of combustion noise and mechanical noise. Fuel properties can affect only combustion noise. In a diesel engine, the fuel ignites spontaneously shortly after injection begins. During this delay, the fuel is vaporizing and mixing with the air in the combustion chamber. Combustion causes a rapid heat release and a rapid rise of combustion chamber pressure. The rapid pressure rise is responsible for the diesel knock that is very audible for some diesel engines. Adding DFL or Diesel Juice increases the cetane number of the fuel, and therefore decreases
the amount of knock by shortening the ignition.

6. Less Engine Wear
- The cetane in DFL and Diesel Juice enables better combustion which minimizes deposits and lowers engine wear

The benefits of adding cetane to your fuel goes way beyond adding More Power! Adding DFL or Diesel Juice can significantly reduce your operating costs  


Adding DFL or Diesel Juice improves fuel economy, extends injector life, increases fuel stability, reduces emissions, improves cold fuel flow and cold start-ability and controls injector wear in heavy duty applications. When DFL or Diesel Juice is added to fuel at the ratio of 1:450, the cetane number is raised approximately 7 points. Fuel with a higher cetane number provides for a more complete burn, resulting in improved performance. By increasing the cetane number, DFL and Diesel Juice improves the ignition quality of diesel fuel, maximizing available power and improving starting. It also smooths idle and reduces smoke and emissions. Both DFL and Diesel Juice are compatible with BIO-Blended fuels.